Dr Jenny Chamarette

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Senior Lecturer in Film Studies
Current Role: 
MA Film Studies programme convener
MA MPhil PhD
Arts One 1.30
+44 (0)20 7882 5632
Research interests: 
transcultural art cinema and artist's moving image; film-phenomenology and feminist phenomenology; continental philosophy; affect, gender and complex embodiment; curatorial practice; intermediality; installation art; cultural institutions
My background is in continental philosophy, French and non-anglophone cinema and moving image art. I specialise in phenomenological thought, French philosophy and art theory, in European and Middle Eastern time-based art works (film, video, installation art, photography). I am currently interested in the role of archives, objects and museums as they inform the cultural politics of cinema: this is the subject of my next monograph, Cinemuseology: Museum Vitrines, Digital Screens and Cultural Politics. I am also interested in the ways that bodies and embodiment shape cinematic experience, across fiction, non-fiction and non-theatrical film forms, particularly in terms of disability, ethnicity and gender. As part of this, I am currently collaborating with Rachel Garfield at the University of Reading on a project on the Stephen Dwoskin archive, and editing a special issue of Arts journal on 'Cinematic Bodies'. I am a curator and programmer of visual art, short film and artist's moving image, with a creative practice of art writing and creative non-fiction. I have an ongoing collaboration with the audio-visual artist, Anna Cady. I am currently co-supervising two practice-based PhDs with Steven Eastwood: Maia Conran and Vicki Thornton. I co-supervise an academic PhD with Libby Saxton: Oliver Kenny on the ethics of extremity in contemporary European cinema. I would welcome applications for PhD proposals in any of the above areas, and am particularly interested to hear from prospective students with interests in film-phenomenology and film-philosophy, gender and embodiment, French cinema, Middle Eastern cinema, transcultural and intermedial moving images, practice-based research, artist's moving image and archives/museums.


(2012) Phenomenology and the Future of Film: Rethinking Subjectivity beyond Contemporary French Cinema (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan)

Edited Books:

(2010) Guilt and Shame: Essays in French Literature, Thought and Visual Culture, Eds. Jenny Chamarette and Jennifer Higgins (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2010)

Articles and Book Chapters:

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(forthcoming 2017/18) ‘Ageless Akerman’, in Marion Schmid and Emma Wilson (eds.) CHANTAL AKERMAN NOW (Oxford: Legenda, forthcoming 2017/18)

(forthcoming 2017) Dossier on Andrea Fraser co-written with Richard Martin, Tate Papers (Tate)

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(2007) 'Flesh, Folds and Texturality: Thinking Visual Ellipsis via Merleau-Ponty, Hélène Cixous and Robert Frank', Paragraph, 30:2 (July 2007)

Curation and Programming

  • Embodied Interpretations, collaborative project with visual artist Anna Cady (ongoing)
  • Translation Games, multi-disciplinary project at the Old Anatomy Museum, King's College London, 31 July-2 August 2013. See also our website: www.translationgames.org
  • Water, Love Runs Down, programme curated as part of Five by Five season, Bonington Gallery, Nottingham Trent University, 29 October-2 November 2012
  • Light Up! Short Film Festival, Murray Edwards College, Cambridge, 23-24 October 2009

Art Writing and Creative Writing

  • Art text contributions to collaborative exhibition at 'Scratch Night' as part of 'Collaborative Acts', hosted by Contemporary Visual Arts Network East and South East, Thursday 14th March 2013, MK Gallery, Milton Keynes
  • '"Art Which Speaks for Us" - Anna Cady and Louisa Makolski's It Works Both Ways project' published in catalogue accompanying Kunstfilmtag, (Düsseldorf, November 2012, pp.59-61), also available online: http://www.kunstfilmtag.de/programmkatalog.html and http://www.annacady.com/Anna_Cady/text_Chamarette.html


  • FLM511 The Visual Essay (co-taught with Anat Pick)
  • FLM5205 Film Curation (module convener, co-taught with Anat Pick)
  • FLM509 Research Methods (Film)  (module convener)
  • FLM610 Cinemuseology: Theorising Cinema and the Museum  (module convener)
  • MA Film Studies Core Course (programme convener)
Office hours: 
By appointment