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Senior Lecturer in Film Studies
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Chair of Department of Film Studies
BA, MPhil, PhD
Arts One 1.43
+44 (0)20 7882 8337
I am a graduate of Keele University (BA Hons) and the University of Glasgow (MPhil, PhD). I joined Queen Mary in 2006. My research focuses on the war film and antiwar film, film and politics, film and cultural memory, 9/11 and film, and iconic photographs and film. I occasionally write film reviews for Sight and Sound and The Conversation. I am currently supervising three PhDs: an examination of the representation of terrorism in contemporary cinema, an exploration of space, place and architecture in the contemporary action movie, and an inquiry into the ways in which changing technologies of vision shape the contemporary war film. I welcome applications from students interested in pursuing doctoral research. At undergraduate level I teach FLM100 Introduction to Film Studies, FLM308 Contemporary Hollywood Cinema, and FLM603 Mapping Contemporary Cinema. At postgraduate level I teach a session on film and history on the MA core course and the module 9/11 and American Film. I was the recipient of Drapers' Award for excellence in teaching in 2009.

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I am the editor of the Mapping Contemporary Cinema website, a student writing project, which publishes in-depth accounts of contemporary US, German and British films, as well as shorter editorials on a range of different themes.

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