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First Year: Production Skills

This module is for Single Hons BA Film Studies students. A foundation in the technical, teamwork and planning skills required for production. The technical skills covered will include camera, lighting, sound and editing. The production skills will include shooting continuity footage, crewing and scheduling. The course will introduce students to the development of the continuity system from early cinema to the present day.


  • Establish an understanding of production practices in fiction production
  • Establish planning skills in relation to fiction production
  • Establish an understanding of the continuity system for fiction film production
  • Establish an understanding of the principles of cinematography and sound recording
  • Establish the ability to operate camera, sound and editing equipment


PS Crib sheet single Set Ups [PDF 49KB] [PDF 49 KB]
PS Classical and Contemporary Coverage [PDF 40KB] [PDF 40 KB]


Third Year: Creative Production

The Creative Production course is for students taking Single Hons BA Film Studies. The module will involve a considerable amount of work and commitment in terms of project development, planning, production and post-production. Working in groups students will develop a short film productions either from a pre-written script, as an adaptation from another source such as a short story, or as a new original idea. This project will then be developed, prepared and produced over the course of the year. There is a written requirement for the course that involves an evaluation of the project.


  • To work as part of a group to plan, manage and complete a fiction production
  • To take on one or more specified roles as part of a production team
  • To demonstrate practical production skills and creative ability


CP Cinematography and Videography [PDF 226KB] [PDF 226 KB]

CP Lighting Notes [PDF 63KB] [PDF 63 KB]

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