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Charlie Cauchi

PhD Candidate

Research interests : Destination Malta: Cinematic Culture and Industry in a Micro-Mediterranean State. Supervised by Dr Sue Harris and Dr Charles Drazin

Graiwoot Chulphongsathorn

PhD Candidate

Research interests : The Potential of the Forest as a Non-Anthropocentric Space in Contemporary Art Cinema. Supervised by Prof. Janet Harbord and Dr Anat Pick

Simon Dickson

Research - PhD

Research interests : The Oneiric Film: An Existential Phenomenological Understanding of Dreaming and its Influence on Film. (Supervised by Lucy Bolton and Alasdair King)

Lisa Duffy


Research interests : Fantasy Spaces of Classic Hollywood Musicals: Psychological Explorations of Gender & Sexuality (Supervised by Dr Sue Harris & Prof Peter Evans)

Adrian Garvey

PhD Candidate

Research interests : James Mason in Hollywood: Transatlantic Stardom and Performance in the 1950s. Supervised by Dr Mark Glancy and Dr Charles Drazin

Oliver Kenny

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Research interests : Extremity and Ethics in Contemporary European Film: Exploring Sex and Violence in the New French Extremity and Beyond. Supervised by Dr Libby Saxton and Dr Jenny Chamarette

Cathy Lomax

Research - PhD

Research interests : The Allure of Screen Makeup and its role in the creation of on - and off-screen female identity. Supervised by Dr Lucy Bolton and Prof Janet Harbord

Tashi Petter

Research - PhD

Research interests : Modernism and Marginality: rediscovering the 1930s silhouette films of Lotte Reiniger, an animator in exile. Supervised by Professor Janet Harbord and Dr Alasdair King

Adam Plummer

PhD Candidate

Research interests : The British trauma film between 1945 and 1951: Psychoanalysis and popular British cinema in the years immediately following the Second World War. Supervised by Dr Lucy Bolton and Dr Charles Drazin

Jo Stephenson

PhD Candidate

Research interests : Branding Britain: The Use of British Film in Promoting the Branding of Britain and the British Fashion Industry. Supervised by Prof. Janet Harbord and Dr Lucy Bolton

Vicki Thornton

PhD Candidate, Film Practice

Research interests : Pre-mediated, Mediated, Remediated: Site, Cinematic Memory and Reenactment in Artists' Moving Image Supervised by Dr Steven Eastwood and Dr Jenny Chamarette

Victoria Walden

PhD Candidate

Research interests : How can film be used as a form of commemoration in the 21st century? Supervised by Dr Libby Saxton and Dr Jeremy Hicks

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